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Total Protection System

PRECISION’S Security Systems Will Help Keep You and Your Family Safe

PRECISION PROTECTION SYSTEMS LTD. understands that customers not only expect a security system to be reliable, but for the equipment to fit seamlessly into their homes.

That’s why the Monitored Wireless Security System is such a popular choice among Canadian homeowners. It provides dependable security and it’s virtually invisible within your home.

We take pride in integrating this discreet and reliable security system within your home to ensure you feel protected 24/7.

Interactive Monitoring

With Honeywell’s Total Connect System you can keep in touch with your home by phone 24hrs/day.

Alerts can be sent to your smart device.

Allows you to arm/disarm your system remotely.

Notifications can be sent if your system doesn’t disarm. eg. if your child doesn’t come in and disarm the system after school.

Your Monitored Wireless Home
Security System Includes:

Digital Keypad
You’re just one touch away from fire,medical, and police dispatch with the Security Digital Keypad. Just have your installer program it for one-touch access.

Smoke Detector
Save precious seconds in a fire situation we contact the fire department while you get everyone out we alert the fire department even when you’re far away from home.

Infrared Interior Motion Detector
Greater protection brings great peace of mind. The infrared interior motion detector adds another barrier to your home alarm system. Pet detection helps reduce the number of false alarms.

Three Points of Protection
Easily expandable system provides more areas of protection. Audible sound alerts you when protected doors are open.

High-Decibel Alarm Siren
The siren on your home security system is loud enough to help scare intruders away.

Battery Backup
No need to worry about being left unprotected when the power goes out. The battery backup system helps provide protection in the event of a power outage.

Professional Installation
Precision Protection will professionally install your alarm system with minimal disruption to you home.

Why Wireless is Better

The Monitored Wireless Security System helps protect your home through the use of a network that isn’t restricted by physical wires or barriers. This offers a level of protection that can’t be matched by traditional systems. Some burglars have learned to bypass wired systems and gain access to your home without tripping the alarm. But with a wireless system, there are no wires to cut, so an intruder has little chance of entering your home undetected.

And if the thought of running wires throughout your home has kept you from purchasing a security system in the past, the monitored wireless system may be just the option for you. Installation is easy and requires minimal drilling compared to hard-wired systems.

What You Can Expect during your Monitored Wireless Security System Installation:

  1. Your home security consultant will schedule installation at a convenient date and time
  2. A certified installer will arrive at the scheduled time to install your system
  3. If you do not have an existing system, the installer will mount your digital keypad and install up to three points of protection throughout your home
  4. If you have an existing system, the installer will perform a diagnostic test to determine whether the system is functional. If the system cannot be unlocked, the installer will swap out the existing control panel for a new one (cannot be under contract).
  5. Once the hardware is in place, the installer will activate the alarm and give you a short demo on how to use your new system

The Wireless Keychain Remote is another great reason to go wireless. This handheld device lets you arm and disarm your system from almost any room in your home – meaning you’ll always be in control of your family’s safety and security.

Other Great Features of the Monitored Wireless Security System:

2-Center Nationwide Monitoring Network

3 Points of Protection – doors and windows

Infrared Motion Detectors

Personal Emergency Wrist Alert

High-Decibel Alarm Siren

24-Hour High-Capacity Battery Backup

Carbon Monoxide Detectors*

Smoke and Heat Sensors*

Water Sensors*

Freeze Sensors*

Driveway Sensors*

* System Upgrade Required

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